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    Valine in Tradeasia

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    Animal Feed

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    1000 @ 20 kg kraft paper bag with inner plastic bag in 20MT / 20FCL

    Brief Overview

    Valine is an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It contains an α-amino group, an α-carboxylic acid group, and a side chain isopropyl group, making it a non-polar aliphatic amino acid. It is essential in animals, meaning the body cannot synthesize it: it must be obtained from the diet. Valine is one of the branched amino acids along with leucine and isoleucine. Valine is an essential nutrient for poultry and swine. Valine can reduce crude protein in animal diets.

    Manufacturing Process

    A method of producing L-valine by fermentation which comprises culturing in a culture medium an L-valine-producing microorganism selected from the group consisting of Escherichia coli NRRL B-12287 and Escherichia coli NRRL B-12288 which is obtained by incorporation into a recipient strain of the genus Escherichia, of a hybrid plasmid having inserted therein a DNA fragment with genetic information related to L-valine production which fragment is derived from a donor strain of the genus Escherichia which is resistant to a valine analogue, and recovering the L-valine accumulated in the culture medium.


    •  Premixture or feed raw material  
    •  Essential amino acids for animals  
    •  Build muscle and synthesize protein  
    •  Good for cattle, goat, pig and sheep

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