Feather Meal Brazil Origin


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Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Fine, light brown to tan powder or granular

Common Names

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: 50 kg or 1000-1200 kg jumbo bag

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Feather meal, created by treating poultry feathers using hydrolysis and rendering techniques, stands as a potent protein source containing roughly 80-85% crude protein. Its amino acid makeup, particularly cysteine and methionine, holds high esteem. This concentrated nutrient finds extensive use in crafting animal feed, notably benefiting poultry and swine diets by supporting their growth and overall health.

Manufacturing Process

The feather meal production process follows a systematic approach. Initially, poultry feathers, a byproduct of poultry processing, are gathered from facilities. These feathers undergo meticulous cleaning to eliminate any foreign materials and contaminants. A pivotal phase involves hydrolysis, where the feathers are subjected to high-pressure steam and/or alkaline elements. This process disintegrates the protein structure within the feathers, yielding smaller peptides and amino acids. The resulting hydrolyzed material is dried and often further refined to achieve the desired texture and size. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented to ensure adherence to established standards concerning protein content, amino acid profiles, and the absence of impurities. The end product is a high-protein feed ingredient prized for its abundance in amino acids, rendering it ideal for animal feeds. Particularly favored in poultry and swine diets, it significantly contributes to promoting growth and overall animal health.

Animal Feed Industry

Feather meal plays a crucial role in the diets of monogastric animals, which have a single-chambered stomach, unlike ruminants such as cows. It's commonly used in the feeding routines of animals like poultry (such as chickens, turkeys, ducks), swine (pigs), and sometimes in specific aquaculture species like fish. These creatures benefit from the rich content of high-quality protein and amino acids found in feather meal, supporting their growth and overall health.

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