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    Textured Soy Protein

    Textured Soy Protein in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name


    Cas Number


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    Basic Info


    Brown and Yellow Granule

    Common Names

    Soya protein



    Brief Overview

    Textured Soy Protein is a food additive widely used as a meat substitute product. It is made from soybeans by isolating its protein from other components found in whole soybeans.

    Manufacturing Process

    Textured Soy Protein is made from soy flour with the fat removed. The soy flour is cooked under certain conditions and dried, called extrusion cooking. Different variations of the extrusion cooking process can affect the resulting product’s texture and taste. 

    Food Industry 

    Textured soy protein is a low-cost, high-protein source. It is used in many plant-based products, especially as a meat substitute. Textured soy protein is also used in many snack products, bakeries, and nutritional supplements.

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