Sodium Bicarbonate (Feed) - China


:   Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Cas Number

:   144-55-8

HS Code

:   283630




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Colorless crystals or white crystal to fine powder

Common Names

:   Sodium bicarbonate


: 25 kg PE Bags

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Sodium bicarbonate, recognized as baking soda, is a water-soluble, crystalline powder extensively employed as a leavening agent in food. In animal nutrition, particularly in ruminants, feed-grade sodium bicarbonate serves primarily as a sodium source, augmenting the dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD). It functions as a dietary supplement for ruminants, aiding in the management of acid indigestion and metabolic acidosis. Its application in poultry enhances calcium absorption, thereby improving the quality of eggshells. Additionally, in broiler chickens, it serves as a partial substitute for salt, fostering drier litter and promoting a healthier living environment.

Manufacturing Process

A method to produce sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate involves a series of steps: Sodium sulfate dissolved in water reacts with ammonia and carbon dioxide in a reactor, leading to the precipitation of sodium bicarbonate and the creation of an initial solution. The sodium bicarbonate is then separated and dried, resulting in a sodium bicarbonate product. Alternatively, the sodium bicarbonate can undergo calcination to convert it into sodium carbonate.

The initial solution may be concentrated through evaporation to separate any remaining sodium sulfate, forming a secondary solution. This secondary solution, when cooled, allows for the precipitation of a compound consisting of sodium sulfate and ammonium sulfate, along with water, creating a third solution. From this process, a different solution is obtained.

The solution formed from the precipitation of the compound containing sodium sulfate and ammonium sulfate can be further concentrated through evaporation, leading to the precipitation of a highly pure form of ammonium sulfate, exceeding approximately 75% in purity. This creates a fourth solution.

The compound formed earlier containing sodium sulfate and ammonium sulfate is combined with the initial solution from the sodium bicarbonate precipitation before the evaporation stage. Additionally, the fourth solution resulting from the evaporation process is mixed with the secondary solution from the evaporation to help precipitate any remaining unreacted sodium sulfate.

Animal Feed Industry

The product serves as a feed additive and raw material for premixes, offering the advantage of partially replacing salt. It serves as a sodium source devoid of chloride. Ideal for various animals including dairy cows, beef cows, sheep, poultry like broiler chickens and laying hens, as well as swine and turkeys, this poultry meal can be utilized.

Moreover, it acts as a dietary supplement by incorporating sodium bicarbonate, aiding in enhancing calcium absorption and fortifying eggshell quality. Additionally, it functions as a buffer, playing a crucial role in stabilizing the pH levels within the rumen by alleviating acidic conditions.

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