Poultry meal
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Poultry meal

Poultry meal Poultry meal
Poultry meal
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Poultry meal is a natural source of high protein from dry and rendered fresh poultry,  it consists of the milled, rendered, and cleaned parts of the carcasses of slaughtered poultry including head, feed, and intestines.  poultry meal, rendering is required for stabilization and transformation of raw unused poultry parts into a form that can be easily stored and transported.

Poultry meal is commonly used for feed ingredients in livestock feed such as poultry, aqua, ruminants, non ruminants, and pet food. It is high quality feed ingredients due to essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and high palatable. Poultry meal should be mention and guarantees minimum crude protein, minimum crude fat, maximum crude fiber, minimum phosphorous (P), and minimum and maximum calcium (Ca) in the lable.

  • Animal feed
  • Poultry meal is importantas undagraded protein in rument with high digestability, and high palatibilty then soybean meal
  • High digestible amino acid such as Lysine compared to soybean meal
  • It contain of best amino acid profile including mineral such as calcium and phosphorus