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    Manganese Nitrate

    Manganese Nitrate in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name

    manganese(II) dinitrate

    Cas Number


    HS Code






    Basic Info


    Light rose coloured crystals

    Common Names

    Manganese dinitrate, Manganese (II) nitrate


    25kg or 50kg plastic woven bags lined with plastic bags


    Brief Overview

    Manganese Nitrate is an inorganic chemical compound with formula, Mn(NO3)2 and it is widely used in the fertilizer industry. Manganese nitrate solutions are light pink transparent liquids with a slight nitric acid odour. Manganese nitrate solutions are corrosive, stable and may produce oxides of nitrogen upon thermal decomposition. Manganese Nitrate occurs in various forms such as monohydrate, tetrahydrate, hexahydrate and anhydrous compound.


    Manufacturing Process

    Manganese Nitrate is manufactured industrially by the reaction between Manganese carbonate and dilute Nitric acid solution. Manganese Nitrate can also be prepared by the reaction of Manganese dioxide with the Nitrogen Dioxide.

    MnCO3 + 2 HNO3 → Mn(NO3)2 + H2O + CO2.



    Agriculture Industry

    Manganese Nitrate is widely used as a raw material in the Fertilizer industry for its beneficial chemical properties. Manganese nitrate is used to correct the nutrition of manganese-sensitive crops. Manganese nitrate can also simulate a number of enzymes such as dehydrogenases, transferases and decarboxylases. It is also used in carbon dioxide assimilation, nitrogen assimilation and increase the crop yield. Manganese nitrate is used as fungicides for control the diseases caused by Fungi infecting crops.


    Other Applications

    Manganese nitrate is used in the fabrication of capacitors. It is the starting material for the preparation of Manganese dioxide. It acts as a catalyst in many chemicals manufacturing, as a phosphorizing agent in metals and colourants for ceramics.


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