Magnesium Sulfate (Feed Grade)


:   Magnesium sulphate

Cas Number

:   10034-99-8

HS Code

:   28332100




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Colorless crystals or white crystal to fine powder

Common Names

:   Magnesium sulphate, Epsom salt


: 25 Kg Bag

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Technical Document

Brief overview

Magnesium sulfate, commercially known as Epsom Salt is white crystalline salt that commonly used to treat malignant hypothermia in swine and hypomagnesemia in dairy cattle. It is consumed with specific dosage to prevent and treat magnesium deficiency. Magnesium sulfate can be added to cattle feed to prevent lactation tetany or grass tetany that might lead to respiratory failure or death.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing process of a magnesium sulphate product is obtainable by carrying out these methods. 
1. Providing a sulphuric acid product that has been obtained as a by-product during the sulphate process for manufacturing titanium dioxide;
2. Concentrating the sulphuric acid product to obtain a concentrated product that has a higher sulphuric acid concentration; 
3. Combining a magnesium-based neutralising agent with the concentrated product and allowing the magnesium-based neutralising agent and the sulphuric acid to react, to generate magnesium sulphate in solution; and
4. Crystallising magnesium sulphate out of the solution, to obtain a crystalline magnesium sulphate product together with a remaining liquor. 


Animal Feed Industry

Largely used as feed supplement for cattle, or high risk and valuable animal, premix or feed raw material. The product can be consumed by combining it with molasses since magnesium sulfate is not palatable. Another function is to treat inflammation and abscesses by soaking the affected area in the mixture of  Magnesium sulfate and water. It can only be obtained by prescription from veterinarian.

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