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  • Zinc
  • 79031000
  • Zn

  • Bluish-gray powder
  • 7440-66-6
  • Butter of zinc, zinc ashes
  • 400 @ 50 kg drum
    20 MT / 20’ FCL
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Brief Overview

Zinc appears as bluish-gray powder that is odorless and water-insoluble. It is highly flammable and hazardous and has to be properly stored in a tightly sealed container under normal conditions.


Manufacturing Processes

Zinc is extracted from the electrolysis of a purified zinc sulfate solution. This purified solution is obtained by processing zinc sulfate solution through two processes, namely leaching using zinc oxide and purification.

Paint Industry

Zinc dust is used in the production of paints as an anti-corrosion and anti-rusting agent.


Electrometallurgy Industry

Zinc, due to it being higher in the electrochemical series, is used in electrometallurgy processes that involve the removal of cations from solutions.


Other applications

Zinc dust is also used in the manufacturing of cosmetics products and face powders. Also, it is used in the production of alkaline batteries where it serves the purpose of pumping electrical charges between terminals.

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