Yellow Iron Oxide

Yellow Iron Oxide

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  • iron(3+);oxygen(2-);hydroxide;hydrate
  • 28211010
  • Fe(OH)3

  • Yellow / Light Yellow Powder
  • 51274-00-1
  • Ferric Oxide, Hydrated Iron Oxide, Pigment Yellow 42
  • 800 @ 25 kg Bags
    20 MT / 20'FCL
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Brief Overview

Iron Oxide, also known as Ferric Oxide, is found naturally as minerals and it has been widely used as pigments.


Manufacturing Processes

Ferric Oxide is obtained through the reaction between sodium hydroxide and ferric chloride.

FeCl3 + 3 NaOH → Fe(OH)3 + 3 NaCl

Construction Industry

It is used in construction industry products such as concrete prefabricated parts and building materials. It is also used as a colorant on outdoor concrete surfaces such as walls, floorings, parking lot and ladder.


Paint Industry

It is used as pigments in paint coloring and protective substances. It can also be used in paints for other applications such as furnitures, toys, electrophoresis and magnetic paints.


Plastic Industry

It is used as pigments in plastic coloring for plastics such as thermosets, thermoplastics.

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