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    Vaseline in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name

    Petroleum Jelly

    Cas Number


    HS Code






    Basic Info


    White Jelly

    Common Names



    121 @ 165 kg drum, 20 MT / 20 FCL

    Brief Overview

    Petroleum jelly is commonly known as vaseline. It has several application such as lubricant and moisture insulator and it is widely used a range of products such as soaps, cleansers and deodorants.


    Manufacturing Processes

    Petroleum jelly is manufactured using natural gas, where it is converted into streams of light-hydrocarbons and heavy-hydrocarbons. These streams contain paraffins and olefins which are subsequently reacted together with dialkyl peroxide indicator to produce petroleum jelly.

    Medical Industry

    Vaseline is extensively used in otolaryngology related surgery and treatment where it is used for conditions such as epistaxis and nasal crusting. It is also used to prevent loss of moisture from the skin following treatments such as laser skin resurfacing.


    Coating industry

    Vaseline is used to prevent corrosion in items that are prone to corrosion such as gun barrels and metallic trinkets. It is also used as a antifouling coating in yachts and boats.


    Lubricating Agent

    Vaseline is widely used as a lubricating agent in a wide variety of applications such as zippers and bullet lubricants.

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