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    Sulphur 80 WDG

    Sulphur 80 WDG in Tradeasia

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    Basic Info


    Fine Brown Powder

    Common Names

    Elemental Sulfur


    25 Kg Jerrycan

    Sulphur WDG has wide applications in agriculture industry. It helps in maintaining the appropriate pH of the soil, thereby better uptake of other nutrients, better crop stand, key ingredient in the process of photosynthesis, helps in the synthesis of proteins, Enzymes & Vitamins, controls metabolic & growth processes within plant cells, Promotes nodulation in the legumes, thereby helps in nitrogen fixation and many more.

    Manufacturing Process

    The raw material is mixed with water and homogenized in the homogenizing tanks. For making the fine slurry the crude slurry is fed to the dynomill. The fine slurry then fed to the balance storage tanks with the help of screw pumps. The fine slurry is then aged to a specific time. The feed is fed to the atomization system through a variable speed screw Pump. 

    The atomised particles come in contact with the hot air entering the chamber in a co-current fashion through an air distributor. For agglomeration of the product an integrated fluid bed dryer is provided at the bottom of the chamber. The product is further passed through the fluid bed dryer for final drying and cooling purpose. The product is collected at the bottom of the fluid bed dryer. Dehumidified air passed through the fluid bed dryer.


    •  Used in manufacturing of Fungicide, Insecticides and Miticide
    • Provides crops with essential plant nutrient
    • Adjusts soil pH

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