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Styrene Monomer

Styrene Monomer Styrene Monomer
HS Code
Clear Colorless Liquid
Cas No.
Common Names
Styrene,Vinylbenzene, Phenylethene, Phenylethylene
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  • Polymer
Sub Category
  • Polymer


Brief Overview

STYRENE MONOMER  is a compound in organic chemistry. It has the chemical formula of C6H5CH=CH2. Typically, it is an oily liquid without color, however it gets yellowish with age. Styrene is considered to be a derivative of benzene that has a sweet smell in small concentrations. In large amounts, its smell becomes unpleasant. Styrene is the precursor to polystyrene and several copolymers.


Manufacturing Process

There are several ways to manufacture styrene monomers. It can be produced from ethyl benzene or ethylbenzene hydroperoxide, and  most commonly it is acquired by dehydrogenation, where ethylbenzene is heated in a steam environment (up to 600 °C) in the presence of an iron(III) oxide catalyst. It breaks down ethylbenzene into styrene and hydrogen.


Production of polymers:

By itself, styrene monomer has limited use due to its toxic nature. However, it is used in the production of many polymers that are safe to use. These polymers are used in the production of many products, for example appliances and electronics, flooring, consumer goods, insulation, medical devices, packaging, automotive components,  paper coatings, toys and and tires.