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    Sodium Persulphate

    Sodium Persulphate in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name

    disodium; sulfonatooxy sulfate

    Cas Number


    HS Code






    Basic Info


    White Powder

    Common Names

    Sodium peroxodisulfate


    25/500/1000Kg plastic woven bag,25Kg PE bag,25Kg carton 1000Kg woven bags


    Brief Overview

    Sodium Persulfate (or Sodium Peroxodisulfate) is a type of a white coloured inorganic compound having the formula Na2S2O8. It is the Sodium salt of the compound persulfate, it is an oxidiser, it is soluble is water however it is highly non-hygroscopic. It is most widely used for initiating polymeric reactions for styrene, acrylonitrile, etc.  


    Manufacturing Process

    Sodium Persulphate is produced by the electrolytic oxidation of Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate. As a result, the Sodium Persulphate is concentrated, separated, and dried using vacuum crystallization or centrifugal separation technique . It can also be produced by the reaction between Ammonium Persulphate and Sodium Hydroxide in an acqueous solution. The product from the latter process exists as a crystal.


    Chemical Industry

    Sodium Persulfate is majorly used as a radical initiator for the production of polymers such as Styrene, Acrylonitrile, and Butadiene. It is also used for curing low formaldehyde adhesives.

    Other Applications

    It used as a component in bleach, detergent, etching mixtures for Zinc and circuit boards, etc. It is also used as a soil condition and for the manufacture of starch.

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