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Sodium Hydride (60%, Mineral Oil 40% )

Sodium Hydride (60%, Mineral Oil 40% ) Sodium Hydride (60%, Mineral Oil 40% )
Sodium Hydride
HS Code
Silvery to whitish powder or slurry in oil
Cas No.
Common Names
NaD; Sodium hydrid; Natrium hydride
- 100g tin, 250g tin, 500g net packed in sealed can inner with soluble package, then in cartons
  • Cosmetics
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Brief Overview


Sodium Hydride is a chemical compound with formula NaH. It is an ionic material that is insoluble in organic solvents (although soluble in molten Na), consistent with the fact that H− remains an unknown anion in solution. Because of the insolubility of NaH, all reactions involving NaH occur at the surface of the solid. It is highly flammable and ignites or explodes in contact with air of high humidity.


Manufacturing Process


Sodium hydride is prepared by passing hydrogen gas into molten sodium metal dispersed in oil. Alternatively, the hydride can be made by passing hydrogen into sodium dispersed over the surface of an inert solid, such as hydrocarbon at above 200°C. The chemical reaction is as follows:


2Na + H2 → 2NaH



Chemical Industry:


  • Used in organic synthesis of chemicals as a strong base and powerful reducing agent.


  • Used for hydrogen storage for use in fuel cell vehicles.


Cosmetic Industry: Used to produce perfumes.

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