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    Silica Sand

    Silica Sand in Tradeasia

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    Basic Info


    Solid Crystals

    Common Names

    Silicon Dioxide


    25 Kg Jerrycan


    Brief Overview

    Silica Sand is typically a form of Silicon dioxide (SiO2), made up of two main elements - silica and oxygen. The most common form of Silicon dioxide is quartz, which is a chemically inert and hard mineral that is naturally broken down into tiny granules over time through the wind and water called Silica Sand. The sand can differ in colour and size of the granules, depending on where it was sourced from.


    Manufacturing Process

    During the manufacturing process of silica sand, the raw sand is mined from each sand mine and is firstly fed into the process plant to remove impurities. Then, such processed sand is separated into various sizes by the sizing process in order to meet every size requirement for the specific use.


    Industrial Use:

    Industrial silica is used in many different industries, the main ones being the foundries, construction (as a structural component in a number of construction products like flooring, mortars, cement, asphalt, and other industrial materials), glass, ceramics, and the chemical industry. Silica sand is also used in water filtration and agriculture.


    Sports Facilities:

    Golf Courses & Sports Fields: Silica sand is used for bunkers and greens on golf courses, as well as for natural and synthetic sports fields.

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