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Propylene glycol methyl ether propionate

Propylene glycol methyl ether propionate Propylene glycol methyl ether propionate
HS Code
Clear Colorless Liquid
Cas No.
Common Names
Methotane, PMP, 1-METHOXY-2-PROPYL PROPANOATE 1-methoxypropan-2-yl Propanoate Propylene glycol methyl ether propionate 2-Propanol, 1-methoxy-, 2-propanoate Propylene glycol monomethyl ether propionate
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  • Paints and Coatings
  • Polymer
Sub Category
  • Paint additives
  • Polymer

Brief Overview

METHOTATE (PMP), also known as Propylene glycol methyl ether propionate, is an organic chemical with molecular formula of CH3CH2COOCH(CH3)CH2OCH3. It is a colorless, clear liquid. PMP is an ideal solvent which has strong solubility for polar and non-polar substances. 


Manufacturing Process

PMP is obtained in the esterification process of propylene glycol monomethyl ether with propionic acid at an elevated temperature.The reaction is conducted  in the presence of an acidic catalyst and azeotropic agent. This chemical compound is responsible for removing acid residue and moisture in order to yield the desirable product having high purity.



Because of its strong solubility properties, PMP is used for advanced paint, printing ink as well as some other polymers, including amido, methyl ester, ethyl, polyester, cellulose acetate, glycol acid resin, acrylic acid resin, epoxy resin and nitrocellulose and others.