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    Polyester Yarn

    Polyester Yarn in Tradeasia

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    Clear to Grayish White

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    Polyester Yarn


    1000 @ 25 kg net PP woven bag with PE inner, 25 MT / 20FCL


    Polyester fibre is one of the most used commercial fibres across the world. These are strong synthetic fibres made by blending the alcohol and acid and initiating a chain reaction. Strong and big molecules are generated in this reaction with repetitive structure. Yarns are commercially used interlocked fibres of continuous length majorly used for weaving and knitting. The Polyester Filament Yarn is one of the finest and synthetic yarns that are used for various purposes like Embroidery, sewing, knitting, weaving and so forth.


    Condensation polymerization occurs when the acid and alcohol are reacted in a vacuum at high temperatures. The polymerized material is extruded in the form of a ribbon onto a casting trough or cooling wheel. After the ribbon hardens, it is cut into chips. The chips are dried and then put into hopper reservoirs for melting. Polyester is a "melt spun" fiber, which means that it is heated, extruded through the spinnerets, and cools upon hitting the air. From there it is loosely wound around cylinders. The fibers are then hot stretched until they are about five times their original length in order to decrease their width. The fiber is then wound onto cones as filaments or is crimped and then is cut into staple lengths. After the fiber itself is created, it is made into a yarn. Filament yarns are made by taking the long polyester filaments, grouping them together, and then twisting them to make them thicker and stronger.

    knitted or crocheted blanket

    A good use for polyester yarn is a knitted or crocheted blanket. Most commercial polyester fiber comes in a wide range of colors that can be combined into crocheted granny squares or colorful knitted patterns. Polyester yarn also does not usually have dye lots, so a knitter may purchase as much as necessary to complete a blanket without having to worry about subtle shade or hue variations in the yarn. Since polyester fiber can be safely machine washed, a blanket knitted with it can be thrown in the washing machine whenever it gets dirty.


    Wiring and Cables

    Vinyl is able to withstand tough conditions behind building walls – such as exposure to changing temperatures and dampness – for the life of the building. As a result, it is one of the most prevalent and trusted materials used in electrical wiring and cables.


    knitted baby garments and accessories

    As babies and young children grow out of clothes quickly, relatively inexpensive polyester fiber is a good choice for knitted baby garments and accessories. Knitters also frequently use polyester yarn for children's clothes because children can be hard on clothing and polyester is an easy care fiber. Toys for babies, children, and adults are also often knit or crocheted from polyester fibers.


    other housewares 

    The ability to machine wash polyester yarn also makes it a good choice for a wide range of other housewares that tend to be easily soiled through everyday use, such as cushion covers. Small amounts of leftover yarn can be used up by knitting projects like coasters, dish cloths, bath scrubbers, and gift bags. Since polyester fibers absorb heat, teapot or cup cozies knitted with polyester yarn will help hot beverages retain their heat longer.

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