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Oleic Acid

Oleic Acid in Tradeasia


(Z)-octadec-9-enoic acid

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Colorless to pale yellow liquid

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180 Kg Steel Drum, 14 MT/20' FCL

1 @ 21 MT Flexi Bag, 21 MT / 20' FCL

180 Kgs MS/HDPE Drum or Flexibags

185 Kgs Steel Drums

Brief Overview
Oleic acid is a mono-unsaturated omega-9 unsaturated fatty acid that is naturally abundant in various animals and vegetable fats and oils. It is an odorless, colorless oil, although commercial samples may have a yellowish tint. In chemical terms, oleic acid is classified as a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. The term "oleic" means related to, or derived from, oil or olive, the oil that is predominantly composed of oleic acid.

Manufacturing Process

Hydrolytic splitting of tallow, followed by fractional distillation and solvent crystallization.

- Derived from hydrolysis & distillation of triolein.

- Free fatty acid is obtained from the glyceride by hydrolysis, steam distillation & separation by crystallization or solvent extraction. Filtration from press cake results in oleic acid of commerce (red oil) which is purified & bleached for specific uses.

Chemical raw material
It is used to produce auxiliary, emulsion and printing ink.

It is used as an emollient in cosmetics.

It is used in the manufacturing of surfactants, soaps, plasticizers.

Small amounts of oleic acid are used as an excipient in pharmaceuticals. Oleic acid is also used as an emulsifying or solubilizing agent in aerosol products.

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