Nickel Sulphate Hexahydrate


:   Nickel (2+) Sulphate hexahydrate

Cas Number

:   10101-97-0

HS Code

:   28332400




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Blue or emerald-green crystalline material

Common Names

:   Nickel(II) sulfate hexahydrate; Nickel (II) Sulfate;


: 25kg /bag

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Technical Document

Brief Overview


Nickel (II) sulfate is highly toxic and carcinogenic. It has two known phases. Alpha-form (blue tetragonal) converts to beta-form (green monoclinic) at 127.9°F. It becomes blue and opaque at room temperature and greenish-yellow anhydrous salt is formed at 536°F.


Manufacturing Process


Method 1: Nickel (II) sulfate is produced by dissolution of nickel metal or nickel oxides in sulfuric acid.


Method 2: Reacting nickel carbonyl, sulfur dioxide and oxygen together to form a mixture of nickel sulfate, nickel sulfite and nickel oxide. Nickel sulfite and nickel oxide are further converted to nickel sulfate all the nickel sulfate are collected.



Chemical Industry:


  • Used to make other nickel compounds


Other Applications:


  • Electroplating nickel onto metal objects


  • Paints and coatings


  • Plastic and rubber products


  • Electrical and electronic products

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