Natural Ulexite Granular (Technical 25%) - Bolivia


:   Ulexite

Cas Number

:   1319-33-1

HS Code

:   25280090




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   White Powder

Common Names

:   Ulexite


: 1000 kg of big bags

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Ulexite, scientifically referred to as hydrated sodium calcium borate hydroxide with the chemical formula NaCaB5O6(OH)6·5H2O, is commonly known as TV rock. It is primarily located in Chile, Kazakhstan, and the US states of California and Nevada. Its distinctive smooth, round, crystalline white appearance has led to the colloquial term "TV rock." Moreover, ulexite exhibits a vein-like bedding structure consisting of closely spaced fibrous crystals. The crystals of ulexite encompass three structural groups: sodium-coordinated octahedra, calcium-coordinated polyhedra, and isolated pentaborate polyanions. These groups are interconnected through hydrogen bonding, forming a complex and interconnected lattice.

Mining Process

1. Drilling - Since drilling yields the most precise sample of the type and purity of ore below the surface, it is the most important part of exploration.

2. Shovelling and hauling - After the underground has become free, large shovels are used to clear the debris from the bottom of the mine. Following its underground extraction, the ore is crushed and sent for refinement.

3. Refining - Borax mineral refinement involves a series of steps, such as dissolving, settling, crystallizing, filtering, drying, and product conveying.

4. Testing and storage - The final step is to store the refined mineral ore for future use and test its quality.


In order to promote plant growth, boron is added to plant fertilizers as a micronutrient.


For ceramic enamels and glazes, borate materials are necessary. It is used to increase resistance to chemicals, heat, and wear.


Boron is added as an additive during the glass-making process in order to reduce thermal expansion and boost resistance to heat shock and high temperatures. It is used as a fluxing agent to reduce the viscosity of the material when making glass.


It is used as an enzyme stabilizer, water softener, alkaline buffer, and bleaching agent.

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