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N-Methylaniline N-Methylaniline
HS Code
Colorless to Brown Viscous Liquid
Cas No.
Common Names
Monomethylaniline, Methylaniline, Methylbenzeneamine
- 880 @ 25 kg Drums/Containers, 22 MT / 20’ FCL
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Brief Overview
N-Methylaniline, also known as Monomethylaniline, is an organic compound with an aniline derivative. It is soluble in Ethanol, Ether & Carbon Tetrachloride. When it is decomposed in high temperature, N-Methyl aniline emits highly toxic fumes of Nitrogen oxides. N-Methyl aniline has been detected in food stuff such as vegetables, Cheese and orange oil.

Manufacturing Process
N-Methylaniline is manufactured by the reaction of Aniline & Methanol in the presence of Copper-Alumina catalyst. It is also prepared by heating Aniline Chloride and methyl alcohol with under pressure as its operating conditions.

Fuel Additives
N-Methylaniline is used as an effective fuel additive for the automobiles.  It is more advantageous than the conventional fuel additives such as Methyl tertiary butyl ether.  It is used as a fuel additive because of capability to increase the Octane number of Gasoline.  In Gasoline, N-Methylaniline improves the stability in transportation and storage by reducing tar formations. N-Methylaniline can also be added to a mixture of Naphtha and N-Methylamine metallic derivatives to obtain the premium quality of Gasoline. It also reduces exhaust emissions of Carbon monoxide & hydrocarbons by 20 -30 %.

Other Applications
N-Methylaniline is used as a latent and coupling solvent. It is also used as an intermediate for dyes, agrochemicals and other organic products manufacturing.

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