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    Multipurpose Thinner

    Multipurpose Thinner in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name

    Toluene- Butyl acetate - Acetone

    Cas Number

    IP9151 1.2

    HS Code




    Basic Info


    Clear Liquid

    Common Names



    As per customers request

    Brief Overview

    Multipurpose Thinner has excellent physical and chemical properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. This thinner has excellent working action as well as spreads easily and smoothly on any surface such as glass, metal, wood or plastic. It is precisely composed and protects the surface from any damage or corrosion. This thinner is ideal for all kind of industrial, commercial and residential purposes. It is globally acknowledged for its excellent consistency, superior stability and longer shelf life.


    Manufacturing process

    Thinner manufacturing process is use various equipment for cooling, mixing and other purposes so that the output is only the best. Different alcohol, aromatic solvents, esters, mineral spirits, glycol and ketones are used in the preparation of thinners. All the engineering pathways are controlled so that better products can be made.
    Key Points:

    • Accurate composition and precise pH value
    • Extended shelf life is stored properly
    • Helps in safeguarding the surface on which applied
    • Spreads easily and uniformly

    Multipurpose thinner has various uses in industries, such as:

    • Formulated for cleaning and thinning
    • Powerful thinning and cleanup solvent
    • Use with resins, epoxies, adhesives, fiberglass, and lacquers
    • Fast drying – no residue
    • Accelerates the drying of oil-based paint, enamel, and vernish
    • Utility grade cleanup solvent
    • Excellent for cleaning tools and equipment
    • For use with premium grade lacquers and epoxies
    • Medium to fast evaporation rates

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