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    Manganese Chloride

    Manganese Chloride in Tradeasia

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    Basic Info


    Pale Pink Crystals

    Common Names

    Manganese dichloride, Manganous chloride


    25kgs/bag 25kgs/drum

    Brief Overview

    Manganese chloride is an inorganic polymeric solid with the chemical formula of MnCl2(H2O)x. Manganese chloride salts is pink in colour. Manganese chloride is a weak Lewis acid that undergoes severe oxidation in presence of air.


    Manufacturing Process

    Manganese chloride can be manufactured industrially by reacting Manganese oxide with Concentrated Hydrochloric acid. In laboratory scale, Manganese chloride can be prepared by treating Manganese metal or Manganese carbonate with the concentrated Hydrochloric acid.

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Magnesium chloride is commonly used in preparation of pharmaceutical products. It boosts almost all aspects of cell physiology and can be used orally, intravenously, and transdermally. Magnesium chloride can also improve the cell functions, immune system and help protect cells from oxidative damage. Manganese chloride is also used to determine the size of phospholipid vessels.


    Other Applications

    Manganese Chloride is commonly used as the starting material for other manganese compounds, food additive, for drying of paint, fertilisers, in dyeing, disinfecting, purifying natural gas, and in dry-cell batteries.

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