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    Gum Rosin Grade X (Gum Rosin)

    Gum Rosin Grade X (Gum Rosin) in Tradeasia

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    Basic Info


    Slightly Yellow Cristal

    Common Names

    Gum Rosin Grade X


    240-250 KG Net Galvanized Iron Drum

    What is the use of gum rosin?

    Gum Rosin (GR) is product consisting essentially of a mixture of gum and resin usually obtained by making an incision in a plant and allowing the juice which exudes to solidify. GR also is a nonvolatile component of crude gum which is included largely in plants belonging to pine family (Pinaceae). It mainly consists of a various isomer technically called resin acids.

    Manufacturing Process

    Gum Rosin is produced from the crude pine resin collected from pine trees. The resin is subjected to distillation and the distillation process is carried out in large copper stills. The volatile liquid terpene components would separate from the mixture as it vaporizes at a temperature between 100 to 160°C, leaving behind fluid rosin as the distillate. This fluid rosin is collected and purified by passing it through straining wadding. The condensate left behind is called turpentine oil.

    1. Adhesive Agent
    2. Paint Ink Coating
    3. Plastic and Polymer
    4. Pulp and Paper
    5. Rubber
    6. Soap and Detergent
    7. Textile 
    8. Derivative Chemical
    9. Aromatic, Flavours and Fragrances 

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