Glycerol Maleic Rosin Ester (99,5%) - China


:   -

Cas Number

:   68038-41-5

HS Code

:   -




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Slightly Yellow Cristal

Common Names

:   Maleic Glycerol Ester Rosin


: 25-50 KG PP Woven Bag

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

An oil-soluble resin that is a glycerol ester of Gum Rosin modified by using Maleic Anhydryde. It is a hard thermoplastic resin that offers excellent solubility, good solvent evaporation, and low viscosity in solutions used in formulating Nitrocellulose based formulations. It exhibits good hardness, high gloss, and vest fest drying speed.

Manufacturing Process

Glycerol Maleic Rosin Esters is made by esterification of glycerol with rosin and maleic anhydrite. During the reaction, anti-oxidant and optical stabilizers are also added.

Paint and Coating Industry

Glycerol Maleic Rosin Esters is used in product lacquer furniture, varnish, hammer finish, metallic paint and ink. It is highly durable, has high-speed drying property and has good rigidity. Hence, it improves the polishing performance and thick film effect of primer and surface paint. These resins can improve hardness of paint films and gloss property for polyesters, nitro and PU paints. They are even used as are used as adhesive or binder for thermosol and road marking paints.  

Other Applications

Glycerol Maleic Rosin Esters are used as binding adhesives. These esters have strong binding property and are thus used in footwear and leather industry, packaging tapes, labels etc.

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