DL-Methionine (99% Powder) - China Origin


:   2-amino-4-(methylthio)butanoic acid

Cas Number

:   59-51-8

HS Code

:   2930




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   White Powder

Common Names

:   Metionina


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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Methionine, an amino acid rich in sulfur, plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and productivity of poultry. Its significance spans across various bodily functions. Through the generation of methyl groups, methionine oversees a range of metabolic processes. Moreover, it's indispensable for fostering cell growth and advancing development.

Manufacturing Process


The methionine production process involves several stages:

Firstly, it begins by converting raw materials, capable of methionine production, such as 2-amino-4-methylthiobutyronitrile or 2-amino-4-methylthiobutanamide, via hydrolysis in an aqueous ammonia solution. This conversion is facilitated by a biocatalyst, resulting in an ammonia solution containing methionine.

The subsequent step involves separating the biocatalyst from the methionine-containing ammonia solution obtained in the initial phase.

Finally, the third step revolves around distilling the ammonia from the product obtained in the second step to isolate and segregate methionine crystals.

Animal Feed Industry

DL-Methionine serves as a vital building block for protein and holds significant importance in the comprehensive growth and development of animals. Its availability in plants is limited, necessitating additional supplementation for herbivores like poultry and cattle. In poultry, methionine supplementation is particularly crucial as it supports feather growth alongside other essential functions.

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