Distilled Tall Oil (DTO)


:   -

Cas Number

:   8002-26-4

HS Code

:   -




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Deep Yellow Liquid

Common Names

:   Distilled Tall Oil (DTO)


: 200L in HDPE Drum, 208L in HDPE Drum

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Distilled Tall Oil is a mixture of fatty acids, rosin acids and other components. It is obtained from the distillation of Tall Oil, which is a by-product of the Kraft process of pulping coniferous trees for wood pulp manufacture.  

Synthetic Process

Distilled Tall Oil is derived from the fractional distillation of Crude Tall Oil under high vacuum. Distilled tall oil appears as a mixture of unsaturated acids: linolic, linolenic and others, as well as of resin acids: abietic, dihydroabietic, palustric and others.

Metalworking fluids

Distilled tall oil is used in metalworking fluids which cool and/or lubricate metal workpieces that may reach high temperatures due to friction.   

Oil field drilling fluids

Fluids used to aid the drilling of boreholes into the earth for oil extraction.     

Soaps, cleaners

Used as a component of soaps and cleaners

Alkyd resins

Used in alkyd resins which are used in making protective coatings with good weathering properties and are important ingredients in many synthetic paints

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