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    Disodium Octoborate

    Disodium Octoborate in Tradeasia

    IUPAC Name

    Sodium octaborate

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    Basic Info


    White Powder

    Common Names

    Sodium octaborate


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    Brief Overview

    Disodium octaborate is also known as aquabor/boron sodium oxide or sodium octaborate with formula of Na2B8O13.4H2O.  Disodium octaborate is a white and odorless powder which contains the basic elements of boron and oxygen.The most common application is for pest control products. In nature, disodium octaborate occurs as alkaline borate.

    Manufacturing process

    One-step boric acid - This method uses one-step boric acid, sodium-containing chemical product, water, and an impurity removal agent. All these materials are placed in a reactor, stirred, and heated at 60-120 degree celcius under a heat preservation condition for 0.5-2 hour. After the reaction, the product is filtered to obtain the product. The filtrate is dried at 90-200 degree celcius and the product after the drying is the disodium octaborate with low impurity content. The impurity is removed using hydrogen peroxide, concentrated aqueous ammonia, ammonium carbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, and activated carbon.

    Biocides - As stated earlier, disodium octaborate is most often used as pest control targetting the wood destroying insects such as termites, caqrpenter ants, and powderpost beetles. Disodium octatborate is also effective againts fungi and algae.

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