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    Diisopropyl Succinate

    Diisopropyl Succinate in Tradeasia

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    Colorless Liquid

    Common Names

    Diisopropyl Succinate


    25 Kg Jerrycan

    Brief Overview
    Dimethyl succinate is used as a flavouring agent. It also has a wide range of industrial applications such as Functional fluids (open systems), Intermediates, Paint additives, and Coating Additives, Pigments Solvents, Viscosity adjustors.

    Manufacturing Process
    The common method of synthesis of succinic acid is the catalytic hydrogenation of maleic acid or its anhydride. Esters are formed by removal of water from an acid and an alcohol, e.g., carboxylic acid esters, phosphoric acid esters, and sulfonic acid esters.

    DMS is used in HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers) via the production of Dimethyl Succinate/4 hydroxy-1-(2-hydroxyethyl )-2,2,6,6 –tetramethylpiperidine copolymer. HALS are used to inhibit the degradation of polymers. DMS is also used as a pigment intermediate Dimethyl Succinyl Succinate (DMSS) for violet 19 and red 122.

    DMS is also used in Pharma applications. It has been used to form one step furan resins in subterranean wellbores, conductive pastes, and even paper coatings and Photographics.

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