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    Dichloroethylene in Tradeasia

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    Basic Info


    Colorless transparent liquid

    Common Names

    1,2-Dichloroethylene, 1,2-Dichloroethene, 1,2-DCE, Dichloroethene, sym-Dichloroethylene


    60 @ 250 kg Plastic Drum, 15 MT / 20FCL

    640 @ 35 kg Plastic Drums, 22.4 MT / 20FCL

    80 @ 250 kgIron Drums, 20 MT / 20FCL


    Brief Overview

    Dichloroethylene, also called dichloroethene or 1,2-Dichloroethene, is an organochloride substance. It comes in two forms: cis- and trans-. Most of the time it comes as a mixture of these two forms. Its chemical formula is C2H2Cl2. Its main properties are flammability, incredible corrosiveness and harsh odour. Dichloroethylene is a colourless liquid with low water solubility. It mostly has an industrial use. 

    Manufacturing Process

    Dichloroethylene is made by the direct chlorination or oxychlorination of ethylene. 

    Direct chlorination is performed in the liquid phase where liquid chlorine and pure ethylene are reacted in the presence of ferric chloride. The reaction can be carried out at either low (20-70°C) or high (100-150°C) temperatures.

    Oxychlorination on the other hand is produced by mixing pure ethylene and hydrogen chloride with oxygen. The reaction takes place at 200-300°C and 4-6 bar in the presence of a catalyst, usually cupric chloride. It is carried out in a specially created reactor. 


    Chemical manufacture 

    Dichloroethylene is a chemical compound used in various chemical reactions that lead to synthesis of chlorinated solvents and other compounds.


    Dichloroethylene is used as a solvent in manufacturing of many products that include waxes, resins, and acetyl cellulose.


    It is used in cooling systems as a refrigerant. It also plays an important role in  the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and artificial pearls.

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