Crude Palm Stearin


:   N/A

Cas Number

:   8002-75-3

HS Code

:   1511.90.99




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Yellow to Red, Semi Solid

Common Names

:   CPS


: 180 KG Plastic Drum, 21 MT Flexibag

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Palm stearin is the solid fraction of palm oil that is produced by partial crystallization at controlled temperatures. It is more variable in composition than palm olein, the liquid fraction of palm oil, especially in terms of its solid fat content, and therefore has more variable physical characteristics. Like crude palm fruit oil, palm stearin contains carotenoids, but physically refined palm oils do not, as they are removed or destroyed in the refining process.

Manufacturing Process

Various types of Palm stearin can be obtained depending on the process they are in:

Crude Palm Stearin, is derived from a process known as fractionation. Fractionation of crude palm oil is done to obtain crude palm stearin. Neutralized Palm Stearin, is a product that is obtained by the process of fractionation. Fractionation of crude palm oil is neutralized with alkali and carried out by further processing. One thing to note here is that it is not edible.

Neutralized Bleached Palm Stearin, is obtained by the same process as neutralized palm stearin with only one more added process which involved bleaching palm stearin with bleaching earth.

Refined Bleached and Deodorized Palm Stearin (refined), is a byproduct obtained from the process of fractionation. Fractionation of bleached palm oil is involved.

Bleached Palm Stearin, is reacted with food-grade bleaching agents simply for coloring pigment and mostly for removing impurities. 

Food Industry 

Crude palm stearin is used in the production of different types of shortening and various margarine. Crude palm stearin is the solid fraction from the fractionation of palm oil and blends with other vegetable oils to obtain suitable functional products such as margarine fats, shortenings, and vanaspati.

Detergent Industry 

Crude palm stearin is used as the raw material for soap noodles. Crude palm stearin can also be used for making soap with soap fatty acids and making metal soap with fatty acid metal soap. 

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