Broken Rice


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Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   White Granular Solid

Common Names

:   Broken rice, Ground Rice, Chits, Brewer,s rice, Rice tips.


: 50 Kg PP Bags

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Technical Document

Brief Overview 

Broken rice is suitable as an animal feed as it contains abundant nutrients, starch (that has a slow ruminal degradability rate), and 8% (w,w) crude protein. Thus, it is feasible as an alternative feed resource for high-producing beef cattle. 

Manufacturing Process

Broken or ground rice refers to the fragments of rice grain obtained by milling. This product is separated after the polishing phase and has the same chemical composition as white rice. Polished rice (Oriza sativa L.) results from the complete milling of rice grain, after removal of the husks, polishings and bran from the whole grain (paddy rice). 60-72% of world rice is processed into polished rice. The polishing step yields 1 to 17% of broken rice, which consists of broken kernels that are 25% or less of the original length of the grain. Broken rice represents 2-3% of processed rice production.

Broken rice is basically energetic in nature, as its most important components are carbohydrates. The use is common in animal fodder. It is often used in the manufacture of feed for very young animals (early weaning) and for pets. Is appealing, easy to use and high in calories. It is used for all types of livestock and is particularly suitable due to its rich caloric value and low fibre content.

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