:   -

Cas Number

:   1302-78-9

HS Code

:   250810000




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Light tan to grey

Common Names

:   Tixoton, Southern bentonite, Bentonite magma


: 25 kg/drum

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Bentonite is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate consisting mainly of montmorillonite. There are different types of bentonite such as potassium (K), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), and aluminum (Al).

Manufacturing Process

Bentonite is manufactured by ore mining, sodium activation, drying, and milling.

The most employments of bentonite are in drilling mud and as a binder, purifier, absorbent, and carrier for fertilizers or pesticides. As of around 1990, nearly half of the US generation of bentonite was utilized as penetrating mud. Minor employments include filler, sealant, and catalyst in petroleum refining. Calcium bentonite is now and then promoted as fuller's soil, whose employments cover with those of other shapes of bentonite.

Drilling mud Bentonite is utilized in drilling mud to lubricate and cool the cutting apparatuses (penetrate bit), to expel cuttings, to stabilize the borehole walls, and to assist prevent blowouts (by keeping up a sufficient hydraulic pressure in the well). Bentonite moreover curtails drilling liquid invasion by its propensity for helping within the arrangement of mud cake. Much of bentonite's convenience within the penetrating and geotechnical engineering industry comes from its unique rheological properties. Generally little amounts of bentonite suspended in water shape a viscous, shear-thinning material. Most frequently, bentonite suspensions are also thixotropic, although uncommon cases of rheopectic behavior have moreover been reported. At tall sufficient concentrations (about 60 grams of bentonite per liter of suspension, ~6wt.%), bentonite suspensions start to require on the characteristics of a gel (a liquid with a minimum yield strength required to create it move).

Binder Bentonite has been broadly utilized as a foundry-sand bond in iron and steel foundries. Sodium bentonite is most commonly utilized for expansive castings that utilize dry molds, whereas calcium bentonite is more commonly utilized for littler castings that utilize "green" or damp molds. Bentonite is additionally utilized as a official specialist within the fabricate of iron ore (taconite) pellets as utilized in the steelmaking industry. Bentonite, in little rates, is utilized as an fixing in commercial and custom made clay bodies and ceramic coats. It incredibly increments the plasticity of clay bodies and diminishes settling in coats, making both less demanding to work with for most applications.

Purification Bentonites are utilized for decolorizing different mineral, vegetable, and creature oils. They are too utilized for clarifying wine, alcohol, cider, brew, mead, and vinegar. Bentonite has the property of adsorbing relatively expansive sums of protein molecules from watery arrangements. Thus, bentonite is extraordinarily valuable within the prepare of winemaking, where it is utilized to expel over the top sums of protein from white wines. Were it not for this utilize of bentonite, numerous or most white wines would accelerate undesirable flocculent clouds or hazes upon presentation to warm temperatures, as these proteins denature. It too has the coincidental utilize of actuating more rapid clarification of both red and white wines. Bentonite is additionally considered an successful low-cost adsorbent for the evacuation of chromium(VI) ions from fluid arrangements (sullied wastewater).

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