100% Polyester Yarn Dty 150D slash 48F NIM RW SD A

100% Polyester Yarn Dty 150D slash 48F NIM RW SD A
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  • 69.5cm * 46.5cm * 29.8cm
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Brief Overview


Polyester DTY yarn is a continuous filament yarn that has been processed to introduce durable crimps twists, interlaces, loops or other fine distortions along the lengths of the filament. Yarns made from thermoplastic materials can be textured by heat setting in a twisted condition, which results in polyester DTY yarn of greater bulk, higher stretch, and more pleasing aesthetics.


Dope dyed DTY is usually packed on paper bobbins whereas Raw White DTY which is used for dyeing is loosely packed on perforated plastic tube so that all the yarn can be easily dyed when the bobbin is dipped in color. DTY yarn can be in Semi Dull or Bright or Trilobal Bright depending upon the type of sections of filaments.


Manufacturing Process


Draw Texturised Yarn (DTY) is manufactured by texturising partially oriented yarn using texturising machines. Polyester DTY yarn can also be obtained in various colors by the dope dyed technology or by conventional dyeing.



Textile Industry: DTY polyester is suitable for fabric end uses like outer/inner garments, skin-clinging garments, furnishings, upholstery, etc. This is a replacement of cotton and cotton blend yarns with very low moisture content.

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