What Is Calcium Hypochlorite? Advantages and Disadvantages

Calcium Hypochlorite Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the most popular products in the chemical industry is calcium hypochlorite. At present many countries in the world do not have factories that produce calcium hypochlorite, therefore it is still very difficult to obtain calcium hypochlorite supply from calcium hypochlorite distributors and obtain competitive prices.

Calcium hypochlorite is widely used in the chemical industry as an extractor for penicillin, a raw material for making polytetrafluoroethylene, an anesthetic in medicine and as a type of solvent for various industries. In order to meet the market in various countries, many customers from outside the country are struggling to find and buy calcium hypochlorite from other countries.

What Is Calcium Hypochlorite?

Calcium hypochlorite is a chemical compound that has the chemical formula Ca(ClO)2.

How Does Calcium Hypochlorite Work?

calcium hypochlorite dissociates into calcium ions (Ca2+) and hypochlorite (ClO-). These ions can react with different substances found in water. in ClO- oxygen is available as an oxidizer, and germs are composed of protein, so oxygen in ClO- will oxidize proteins so that germs die.

Where is Calcium hypochlorite used?

Calcium hypochlorite uses are primarily used as a bleach or disinfectant agent. This compound is a component used in commercial bleach, cleaning and disinfectants for drinking water, water purification and swimming pools.

However, there are still some other industries that use it also:

1. Water Disinfectant

Just as previously mentioned, Calcium Hypochlorite is usually used by dissolving it in swimming pool water. This is what is meant by the use of as water disinfectant. It sold in the market generally contains 65 to 75 percent Calcium Hypochlorite so it is effective in killing germs in swimming pool water.

Calcium Hypochlorite will kill the bacteria by deactivating its internal work or destroy it by breaking the cell walls. Swimming pool water becomes cleaner and free of germs. Calcium Hypochlorite can prevent various potential diseases found in water, such as diarrhea, severe earache, various respiratory tract infections, and foot, skin and wound fungal infections.

2. Purify Water

It is used as a water disinfectant also makes it useful for purifying water. This makes Calcium Hypochlorite widely used to provide clean water in developing countries, especially areas where spring water is not fit for consumption.

For example, in population areas that still rely on springs from the ground. Calcium Hypochlorite acid can be dissolved into the spring water. Then, this water has been disinfected with calcium hypochlorite and stored in a large tank. The pipes will also deliver sanitary drinking water, by gravity, to residents’ homes. Clear water that has been disinfected with Calcium Hypochlorite can prevent diseases whose bacteria come from water, such as cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, and hepatitis A.

3. Household Equipment Sanitation

Calcium Hypochlorite can be used to help destroy food-borne germs on kitchen preparation surfaces. Cutting boards, countertops and other food-contact surfaces can be disinfected with a dilute Calcium Hypochlorite bleach solution so that the risk of foodborne illness in families can be reduced. Calcium Hypochlorite disinfectant is also used to clean bathrooms. You can see this chemical in some household cleaning products.

4. Used in Technology

Did you know that most of our gadgets today depend on computer technology, whose brain is a tiny silicon microprocessor chip that is manufactured using the chemical Calcium Hypochlorite? These silicon microchips are found in alarm clocks, ovens, microwaves, computers, and televisions, all of which are useful in everyday human life.

5. Industrial Needs

Calcium Hypochlorite is widely used in various industrial needs in the world. For example, as one of the raw materials in cleaning products, which are used at home, detergents, soaps, grease or stain removers, cleaners for drugs and other medical devices, as well as in the production of paints, textiles, and plastics.

6. Midges

The next use of Calcium Hypochlorite, which can be used as a pest repellent. In a sense, it can be used as a liquid pesticide. Calcium Hypochlorite contained in pesticide products can destroy or inhibit the growth of disease-causing mechanisms, and prevent, destroy or overcome pests.

The Advantages of Calcium Hypochlorite

First, humans can be exposed to small levels of calcium hypochlorite when using disinfectants such as household bleach. Second, humans can be exposed when they swim in pools that use these chemicals to kill bacteria. Third, drinking water from the public drinking water supply that uses these chemicals to kill bacteria can also be a route of exposure. In addition, workers employed in occupations where this compound is used to bleach paper and textiles may be subject to exposure to slightly higher levels of calcium hypochlorite.

The Disadvantages of Calcium Hypochlorite

The toxic effect of calcium hypochlorite acid depends primarily on the corrosive nature of the hypochlorite. If small amounts of bleach (3-6% hypochlorite) are ingested, the effect is irritation of the gastrointestinal system. If the concentration of bleach ingested is greater, for example, 10% hypochlorite or more, the effect will be severe corrosive irritation of the mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach with bleeding, perforation (holes), and eventually death. Permanent scarring and narrowing of the esophagus may occur in people who survive severe intoxication (hypochlorite intoxication).

Is Calcium Hypochlorite Safe?

In food, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets the threshold for Calcium Hypochlorite, as defined by sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite msds, which is not to exceed repeatedly 0.0082 pounds (equal to 3.72 grams) and 0.0036 pounds (equal to 1.633 grams) of Calcium Hypochlorite per pounds of dry food (1 pound equals 453.59 grams). In other words, in 100 grams of food, the level of this chemical should not exceed 0.82 grams and 0.36 grams respectively.

As is well known, things that influence the effect of exposure to a chemical on the human body’s metabolism are influenced by the dose, duration of exposure, exposure pathway, human characteristics and behavior, and the presence of other chemical compounds. Because of that calcium hypochlorite can be used as a safe or unsafe product depending on the dosage.


Calcium Hypochlorite is a chemical compound that has the chemical formula Ca(ClO)2. It is widely used in the chemical industry such as disinfectants, water purifiers, Sanitation, Technology, midges, and any other industry. Many countries in the world do not have factories that produce calcium hypochlorite. Therefore, Tradeasia International as a global Calcium hypochlorite distributor provides you with Calcium Hypochlorite for your market and industry solution. Tradeasia can get Calcium Hypochlorite in different grades, quantities, and packaging.

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