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Sodium Diacetate

Sodium Diacetate Sodium Diacetate
Sodium Diacetate
HS Code
Solid Crystalline Powder
Cas No.
Common Names
sodium acid acetate
- 840 @ 25 kg Plastic Woven Bags , 21 MT / 20' FCL
  • Agrochemicals
  • Food
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Brief overview

Sodium diacetate is a chemical compound with formula NaH(C2H3O2)2 and it is extensively used in the food industry as an antimicrobial agent. Sodium Diacetate is a free flowing, dust free and readily available source of acetic acid. It is also called as a sodium salt of acetic acid and it’s separated from the hydrogen bonded ions with an intermolecular distance of 2.47 A0. Sodium Diacetate consists of an equal mixture of sodium acetate and acetic acid. Sodium diacetate crystals have free acetic acid firmly held into the crystal lattice of neutral sodium acetate, thereby masking the sharp odor of acetic acid. When exposed to an atmosphere with low relative humidity for a long time, Sodium diacetate molecule loses one molecule of acetic acid and changes to anhydrous sodium acetate.



Manufacturing Process

Sodium Diacetate crystals are manufactured commercially by partial-neutralization of acetic acid followed by evaporation of the solution. The resultant Sodium Diacetate crystals are formed from the homo-association of acetic acid solution.

2CH3CO2H + NaOH Na+[(CH3CO2)2H]- + H2O

Food Industry
Sodium Diacetate is exclusively used as a flavoring agent in foods owing to its distinctive vinegar flavor. It is added as a preservative to prevent mold strain from developing on food stuffs. It has good anti-microbial properties and helps improve shelf life of many products. In baking industry, it is added as anti-rope additive. Rope is commonly caused by bacteria in dough that causes clogging of machinery and renders the dough unsafe for consumption. Sodium diacetate terminates these bacteria.

Other Application
In agriculture industry, it acts as bacteriostatic agent to improve nutrient levels in livestock feeds and also as a preservative for hay. It is added as a blend ingredient in kidney dialysis processes. Industry grade Sodium Diacetate are used pH regulators and stabilizing agents in petroleum industry.

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