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Why Sodium sulphate is preferred in Textile rather than Sodium Chloride

Sodium sulphate plays an important role in reactive dyeing by improving the affinity of the dyestuff towards the fiber, acceleration of the dyestuff’s association and lowering its solubility. The presence of gas particle within the common salt might cause corrosion of the instrumentation. Hence, sulfate is usually most popular over common salt.

  • Sodium sulfate is used as a “leveling” agent where it reduces the negative charges on fibers. By doing so, it allows dyes to penetrate the textiles evenly and effectively.
  • In addition to that, it does not corrode the stainless steel vessels used in dyeing as compared to the used by conventional salt; sodium chloride.

Function of Sodium Sulphate in dyeing:

1.To drive dye into textile during the dyeing process in textile.

2.Use of sodium sulphate leads to maximum exhaustion of dye molecules during dyeing process in textile.

3.It is used as an electrolyte for migration, adsorption and fixation of the dyestuff to the cellulose material.

In textile industry, sodium sulphate acts as a catalyst. The textile substrate and dye molecule has non-homogeneous characteristics, so it becomes difficult for them to combine with each other. In such cases, we require catalyst to facilitate dyeing action on fabric.

Sodium Sulphate uses in all over world:

Sodium Sulphate is an inorganic solid present in anhydrous and hydrate forms. It is a major commodity chemical widely applied in textile, detergent, glass and paper manufacturing. The demand for sodium sulphate is expected to witness strong growth in the near future. Global sodium sulphate market is expected to show stable growth mainly driven by Asia Pacific (China, Indonesia,India, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.) and Latin America regions (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico). Mexico and Spain were the world’s main producers of natural sodium sulphate with Russia, USA and Canada following after. However in recent years china has been main producer of the same.

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