Where to Buy Solvents in Singapore?

Are you a manufacturer searching for a supplier to provide your company with the best quality chemical solvents? Are you an executive of a trading company that wishes to purchase some chemicals in bulk for your clients? Are you an agent who is looking for a chemical supplier?

Then I am pretty sure that my post will help you out. There are a few things we normally check before ordering something in bulk from someone:

  1. Quality
  2. Price
  3. Quantity
  4. Trust or reliability
  5. Timing
  6. Product guarantee
  7. Market standards
  8. Customer Support

Quality is something that is the topmost priority. Obviously, we will not purchase something if it is of low quality even if it is available at a relatively low cost. Surely we will go for the best quality or at least something that is with very little impurity.

Price is an important factor while we are purchasing orders in bulk. If we wish to buy a few kilograms or a few liters of solvent, we might not consider price as a major factor, but just think about a few tonnes something like 20MT or 25MT. We must surely consider the cost factor and it must meet our budget. Price varies from company to company depending upon the packaging available, availability in the region, and origin of the product, purity of the product, transportation costs, and taxes. Depending upon all these factors, an optimum price will be fixed for a product. And a little higher or a little lower than this price, the trading companies will sell the chemical.

Quantity or packaging availability is also a factor to be taken into account. Customers will always vary and obviously need also varies. Sometimes we may not need very huge amounts. So, the best optimum packaging is what we usually go for.

Trust, obviously is like gasoline for a motor vehicle without which the vehicle doesn’t go. Trust between the supplier and the customer is very important because these are dealings involving huge amounts of money. How long the supplier is taking to deliver the chemical is obviously an important factor. There are some processes in chemical industries that cannot be paused or stopped in between as they have to be continuously fed with raw material. And hence, the supplier has to deliver on time.

The products being sold must obviously meet the market standards. Depending on purity, the applications of a particular industrial solvent will vary, and hence there is no point in selling or purchasing any purity level. So depending upon the end products of a particular company, the manufacturer will purchase a particular purity of a chemical. And hence the supplier has to update his inventory according to the demand for a particular chemical.

A product’s guarantee depends on the source from which the supplier is getting his products. Well, the supplier must always be available to his customers. Proper and reliable support has to be provided so that the customer might not face any problems and he must definitely not lose trust in the supplier.

The likelihood of all these factors being met by one company is quite less. And if we really get one, then that is really a very valuable source. There are few companies where you can buy solvents in Singapore like Tradeasia International, and here you might find the right price for the desired quantity with high purity, perfect on-time delivery, and around the clock customer support. Some examples of Solvent include Ethanol, Methanol, Xylene, etc. Shortlist the companies carefully and select the best ones intelligently.

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