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Turkey Hit $1 Billion Value of Boron Products Sales

Turkey obtained $1B value of boron products sales in 2021

Boron product sales in Turkey in 2021

Despite the effect given by the pandemic, it seems Turkey’s boron market is not really affected by the pandemic. As it happens, at the end of 2021, Turkey set a record in boron sales. Surprisingly, Turkey earned $1 billion of boron products sales and a 62 percent share of boron globally. Turkey’s global boron market is filled with demands, thus Turkey dominated the global boron market. How could that happen?

Global boron reserves in Turkey

In fact, Turkey possessed 73% of global boron reserves. Tincalconite and colemanite are the most abundant boron minerals that exist in Turkey. The government had prepared facilities for boron products manufacturing and development on a massive scale. The boron carbide plant is planned to be completed at the end of 2022, while the ferrous boron development facility is expected to begin in 2022, awaiting the signing contract process. 

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Boron product applications

What makes boron and its derivatives traded in the global market? Elemental boron, boron compounds, and boron derivatives have wide industrial applications. Starting with elemental boron, it is claimed that boron is economical and non-toxic. Chemically, the boron electron configuration allows boron to form three bonds to neighboring atoms. Combined with transition metals, boron may form borides, which generate compounds with super-hard, high melting points, and excellent chemical stability properties. 

As a consequence, with those properties resulting from the combination of boron with transition metals, boron also is used as an additive in alloys which are mainly used in the electronics industry. Alloys with less than 0.3% boron are readily solderable and generate a good electrical conductivity which is suitable to be used in aluminum connectors coating. Increasing the boron contents to 0.5 to 1%, the alloys will possess low contact resistance, and thus may replace gold on electronic contacts and circuit board tabs.

Boron as an additive in circuit board

As for boron compounds, several boron compounds are used to enhance the flame retardancy of polymers. Boron compounds such as borates have the ability to be flame retardants and smoke suppressants. For example, boric acid and sodium borates are well-known to be used as a filler since they have flame retardancy to enhance the resistivity in a polymer. Other uses such as construction materials, tanning agents, and cleaning products have been applied by boric acid

Another boron compound, borax, has been reported to be used as a flux for brazing in alloy manufacturing. Borax has the ability to dissolve non-refractory oxide films at a certain temperature. In agricultural applications, borax is used as fertilizers in boron deficient soils since boron is an essential crop nutrient. Other applications such as adhesives, colouring agents, and cleaning agents have also been reported for the uses of borax.

Conclusion: Boron products development is the key to Turkey global market domination

To conclude, boron products, whether the raw material or the manufactured products have a high value to be traded globally due to their interesting properties and wide applications. Turkey knows how to maximize the potential of boron products in their country. Not only trade the boron raw materials on the global market, but Turkey also planned to manufacture the boron raw materials into something which has a higher value than the raw material itself such as boron carbide and ferrous boron manufacturing and development on a massive scale.  

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By Muhammad Derry Luthfi Yudhi, Content Support, Tradeasia International

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