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Specifications of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid (LABSA) is a colorless chemical and has thick properties. LABSA principally utilizing in cleanser formulations. It is quite possibly the most significant and least expensive surfactant in powder formulation and cleanser liquids. It has great purging properties.

LABSA is the formulation of amphoteric, anionic, and non-anionic surfactants, and it is critical for its degradability in nature. It is dissolvable in water and an emulsifying agent. Alkylbenzene sulfonic acid is perhaps the most generally used anionic surfactant because of its low cost, high effectiveness, and biocompatibility because of its linear chain. These are non-volatile compounds delivered by the sulfonation process. These compounds comprise combinations of carbon chains of 11 to 14 carbon lengths that are a phenyl bunch with a sulfonate bunch

LABSA Specification

Atomic Formula: C18H30O3S
Appearance: Brown fluid
Dissolving Point: 10°C
Edge of boiling over 317’C
HS Code: 3402.11
CAS Number: 27176-87-0
Thickness: 1.06 g/ml
Class: 8
Business trademark: Sulfonic Acid

LABSA Application

The properties of Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid rely upon the length of the alkane chains that give them distinctive functionality. Surfactants are used in the business to expand the contact of polar and non-polar phases, like oil, water, or water and minerals. Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate is fundamentally used for the assembling of household cleansers, for example, dishwashing fluid, clothing powder, washing fluid, and other household cleaners and other mechanical uses. LABSA is an added substance as a greasing agent oil and has erosion and rust anticipation. It is normally neutralized with salt sorts and structures sulphonates used in various fields. This item can be used in acidic conditions.

LABSA  Packing

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