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Practical Use of Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid is found in cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sorrel, parsley, and in the Virginia creeper. But in the highest concentrations (still only half a percent, but enough to make the leaves poisonous), it is found in rhubarb plants.

It is 100% natural product that, however, is also often produced artificially in a laboratory. In fact, over Remove iron stains 120,000 tons of this very useful acid are produced annually worldwide, and chances are, we can put it to practical use in your home renovation projects.

OXALIC ACID is an odorless white solid. that has the chemical makeup C2 H2 O4. When its crystals are diluted into water. It can be used for Cleaning Agent, Industrial Uses, Medicinal uses and Other Uses.

How To Remove Rust Stains From Wood using Oxalic-acid

Metal is in contact with wood for extended periods of time, there is the risk the wood may get moist or water may get on the metal or between the metal and the wood.

You have scrubbed and scrubbed and tried other cleaning products, but those stubborn rust stains won’t come off the wood. Get cleaning product that contains oxalic acid, and it will likely all come out.

Iron oxide stains consist of dissolved iron particles that have chemically bound themselves to wood, in presence of water. These stains are usually very dark brown or black.

Carefully identify the stain because if it is a red stain or if it is a black ink stain – oxalic acid won’t get it out. Those other stains may need to be bleached or sanded down instead.

If your wood is coated with polyurethane then you have to remove the protective coating to treat the wood because the rust stain is below the coating.

Mix a tablespoon or two of oxalic acid with a small amount of water to form a paste. You do not want it too wet – it doesn’t need to “soak in” but only sit on the surface to do its work.

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