Palm Oil-derived Chemicals: An Alternative That is Safer, Renewable, and Ecofriendly for Our Daily Lives

Palm oil-derived chemicals or also known as palm-derived oleochemicals are the chemicals produced and used in a wide variety of applications including the food industry, cosmetics industry, toiletries, laundry detergent, etc.

As consumers increasingly become more eco-aware and better educated about health and safety, a growing number are looking out for safer, renewable, and natural ingredients in the products they use, especially those they apply on their skin and hair.

“Consumers do see plant-based products (including oleochemicals) as more green and natural,” according to Madeline Tan, CEO of Sinarmas Oleochemical. Moreover, the popularity of plant-based products or fats and oil arose as health concerns such as mad cow disease have decreased the use of animal fats such as tallow for oleochemicals.

Another consideration is that the oil and gas industry produces huge amounts of carbon emissions. In contrast, oleochemicals derived from responsibly produced palm oil will have a smaller carbon footprint.

Plant-based oleochemicals are often biodegradable, an important quality as the world continues to grapple with the huge amounts of waste generated by a growing global population that ends up polluting water or land.

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