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Know Why Industrial Solvent Rises in Price: Pandemic Effect

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Pandemic effect on supply chain companies

The pandemic that occurred in 2020 had a significant impact on global supply chain companies, especially chemical companies. Compared to 2020, at the end of 2021, many companies have brought their workers to work directly on site. Although the workers have been called to work on-site, however, the main problems still exist in chemical companies. The problems lie in supply chain issues and raw materials or chemical scarcity.

Solvent prices are increased

For example, the paint and coating industry received a significant impact from the pandemic. With raw materials accounting for around 50% of all costs in the industry, the impact on the industry is undeniable. An important chemical commonly used as a solvent called n-butanol experienced a notable increment in price within one year.

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) reports that the price of n-butanol has increased as much as roughly tripled. The price of n-butanol is increased from 750 EUR per tonne to 2560 EUR per tonne in a year. In fact, this phenomenon also affects other industries which use n-butanol as their daily chemical.

Choosing alternative solvents

From the case above, it turns out that solvent is critical in industrial manufacturing. Other chemicals involved besides the solvent may also be affected due to the rise in the price of n-butanol. As a consequence, the operational cost which industry pay is also increased due to the increasing price of other chemicals.

To prevent a similar case in the future, especially when the raw materials or chemicals are in shortage or a significant increment in price happens, the industry is supposed to prepare alternative chemicals to substitute the uses of the main chemicals which have a similar purpose.

The anticipation of industrial solvent price condition

As an anticipatory measure, while the paint and coating industry uses n-butanol as their main solvent, they may provide other solvent lists which have the same purpose with n-butanol as a solvent. An example, the industry may decide to use other alcohol-based solvents commonly used in the paint and coating industry such as ethanol or ethyl alcohol.

Alternatively, they can use solvents other than alcohol-based solvents. For example, acetate-based solvents such as ethyl acetate and butyl acetate, ketone-based solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone, or aromatic-based solvents such as xylene are also good examples of other solvents used in the paint and coating industry.

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By Muhammad Derry Luthfi Yudhi, Content Support, Tradeasia International

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