acetone nail polish remover

Facts on Acetone

Acetone is an important solvent in the nail business and is commonly used as a nail polish remover. It is a colorless liquid that is flammable and evaporates easily.

It is considered to be a ketone – an organic compound containing a carbonyl group bonded to two hydrocarbon groups. In the case of Acetone, it has a carbonyl group where carbon and oxygen are bonded to each other with a double bond and is known as the simplest ketone                                                                               

5 Interesting Facts on Acetone

  • Acetone removes more than just nail polish! It is able to remove permanent marker stains too

  • Acetone is soluble in water, unlike most other organic solvents (e.g. ethyl acetate will not mix with water)

  • Most acetone is obtained during the production of phenol, which is commonly produced to make polymers like plastics

  • Placing acetone nail polish remover in styrofoam or plastic cup will dissolve the cup – don’t try it!

  • The smell of acetone on someone’s breath is a bad sign. The smell is correlated to diabetic ketoacidosis – a severe condition contributed by deprivation of insulin

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