Common Household Uses of Boric Acid

Medical Applications:

Boric Acid, is a weak acid that can be used as an antiseptic, anti-fungal agent or as an astringent.

Depending on the level of dilution, boric acid can be used as an antiseptic wash for various forms of treatment. Diluted boric acid (approximately 1 teaspoon to 4 ounces of distilled water) can be used to treat wounds, rashes and minor burns while boric acid that has been diluted using 1 teaspoon to 4 cups of distilled water can be used to treat more sensitive areas such as sore eyes or eye discharge.

Due to its anti-fungal properties, boric acid is also commonly used to treat vaginal yeast infections, also known as candidiasis. For such applications, boric acid is usually introduced using gelatin capsules. Boric acid has shown to be able to treat infections including cases that are not resolved with common antifungal medications or recurring cases.

Pest Control:

Boric Acid can also be used as an insecticide too as it works as a stomach poison that dries out the insects’ body. Additionally, insects do not develop immunity to boric acid thus making it a good insecticide that can be used repeatedly.

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