Chemicals Used in Paper Making

Tradeasia International supplies good quality chemicals that are used for the pulp and paper industry. This blog serves to provide the chemicals used in bleaching and chemical pulping, which are the 2 main processes of papermaking.

Bleaching Chemicals

  • Sodium Chlorate: It is used for the manufacturing of chlorine dioxide for the bleaching of chemical pulp. It exists as a white colored crystalline powder and is traded in granules, spray powder, and dust forms in woven bags.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: It is commonly used in the bleaching of chemical and mechanical pulp and recycled fiber. It exists as a clear viscous liquid with a distinct smell. When traded in bulk, it is usually packaged in poly drums due to its liquid state.
  • Chlorine Gas: It can be added to provide further bleaching of paper to increase its opacity.
  • Sodium hypochlorite: It exists as a light yellow solid that is dissolved in water to form an aqueous alkali solution due to the presence of caustic. In this solvent form, it can be used as an effective bleaching agent

Chemical Pulping

  • Calcium Oxide: It is also commonly known as lime and exists as a white crystalline solid that is highly corrosive. It is packaged in PP/PE bags when traded or purchased in bulk.
  • Magnesium bisulfite: It usually exists in an aqueous form that produces gaseous fumes of sulfur dioxide when in contact with oxidizing acids. This makes it suitable for the chemical pulping process.
  • Sodium Carbonate: It is alternatively known as the top-selling chemical, soda ash product. It serves the purpose of a makeup chemical in alkaline pulping and chemical recovery.

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