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General depiction

Sodium sulfate anhydrous, otherwise called Glauber Salt, has an appearance of white crystalline solid and is chemically truly steady. It is unreactive toward most oxidizing or reducing agents at normal temperatures. Furthermore, it tends to be changed over to sodium sulfide at high temperatures by carbo-thermal reduction.

Sodium sulfate anhydrous alludes to the anhydrous, salt type of sulphuric corrosive. Sodium sulfate is usually known as sulfate of pop. Every one of the types of sodium sulfate is white and has great solvency in water.

The sub-atomic load of sodium sulfate anhydrous is 142.04 g/mol, while this chemical compound’s precise mass is 141.931268 g/mol.

Application and Usage

Sodium sulfate is used as a “leveling” specialist in the textile industry where it lessens the negative charges on filaments. The significant use of sodium sulfate is as a filler in powder items, for instance in cleansers.

  • Sodium sulfate anhydrous can be used as adhesive and binding agents
  • Adsorbents helping in the bond of particles to the surface
  • Raising and cultivating harvests.
  • Used in normalizing colors
  • Assembling kraft paper, glass, and textile textures
  • Sodium sulfate anhydrous is used in prescriptions too

General Properties of Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous

  • This chemical compound is by and large present in a white crystalline powder structure.
  • It is likewise present actually in dry powder, pellets, huge crystals, and wet solid.
  • The construction of the dry powder compound is orthorhombic bipyramidal crystals.
  • The orthorhombic bipyramidal crystals are available in a white tone.
  • The particles essentially are colorless crystals and are fine white like a crystalline powder.
  • Smell this chemical compound is generally scentless.
  • Taste: this chemical compound is generally bitter saline in taste.
  • The melting point is 874 degrees Celsius.
  • The dissolvability in water is 29.1/100 grams of water at 25 degrees Celsius. It is additionally dissolvable in glycerine however is insoluble in liquor. By and large, the dissolvability in water is high.
  • The thickness of this chemical compound is 2.761
  • The timeframe of realistic usability is acceptable, yet it is highly recommended to store it in the favored conditions.
  • It emanates the exhaust of sodium oxide and sulfur oxides when they are warmed in the decomposition process.
  • Erosion: the consumption rates rely upon the mediums where they are kept. It is somewhat soluble or impartial in nature.

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