4 Reasons to Bulk Up on Chemical Purchasing

This blog on bulk purchasing has all that you need to know about bulk purchasing. People generally are in a severe dilemma of whether to take risks or not. Trust me being in your comfort zone won’t reap you any benefits. You will be amazed and these few words strung into sentences will show you bulk buying of chemicals aren’t risky too.

Why choose Bulk purchasing?
People don’t choose to buy in bulk as they think the investment is also in bulk, actually, I would say it is a lump sum. But it is less in most of the cases when compared to buying raw material as and when there is an order. To be successful you should not only dream big but also have a neat vision of your future and act according to it in the present with the knowledge of the reasons for failures in the past. By considering you as a soul striving to reach the destination called a success, I can have a reasonable assumption of you having the road map of it. Buying in bulk actually falls under the category “present “, when you have a solid vision and you are confident about it. What are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity where you can save money, and in the list of it, if you roll your eyes upwards buying in bulk will be at No. 1.

4 reasons to bulk up on chemical purchasing:

  1. The first and foremost point is that you can BARGAIN, Yes my dear readers when you have a bulk order to place, you can negotiate at a reasonable price.
  2. There will be a continuous supply of chemical for your industry, with bulk order, you not only make a business deal but also create a strong relation, thus if you need chemical urgently, the chemical trading company with whom you signed a bulk deal before, will be ready to help as quick as possible.
  3. The cost of buying chemicals includes the cost related to logistics, thus even if you buy chemicals in a small amount the cost related to logistics will be the same. So this shows buying chemicals in bulk is a wise idea.
  4. The documentation required for trading is independent of the amount of chemical you trade, for eg. trading 10 Metric tons require the same intensity of documentation as for 20 metric tons, so trading in bulk always saves time than trading the same chemical in small batches.

So, these are the advantages of buying chemicals in bulk. So what should I do now?

  1. Search companies who trade in bulk. Because they only have experience in the logistic part of it.
  2. Have a check on their history and company’s integrity, check how they are different from other companies, like do they provide any additional services for bulk purchaser.
  3. Shortlist a few companies like Tradeasia International and ask for the quotation. Don’t ever compromise with the quality, but ensure a good ratio between quality and price.
  4. Select one which you feel right, and go for it.
  5. Purchase in bulk and be the reason for your company’s first easy profit.
  6. Last but not least aware of others too. Discuss your experience whether good or bad, if it was bad then find out where you went wrong.

                              – Written By

                               Shravan Muthukrishnan

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