Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry Is Taking off in the Global Economy

Green chemistry is just a different way of thinking about how chemistry and chemical engineering can be done. these products are being increasingly demanded around the world. green chemistry will rapidly outpace the rate of growth in the global chemical market and Various hazardous substances are increasingly being phased out in favor of safer alternative green chemistry options. This will help for decreasing the damage done to the environment and making for safer human consumption. Consumers across the board are searching for safe products and governments are tightening the laws to make it mandatory for chemical companies to comply with safety standards.

At present Demand for inorganic chemicals and petrochemicals remains high, but it will change when Green products begin appearing in the market. Changing technologies are helping to drive the chemical industry towards green chemistry.

The chemical industry has been dominated by a handful of big players, and the introduction of green chemistry has shaken up the industry in such a way that many new lucrative profitable opportunities exist.

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