Boba beverages

Boba : The Rising Star of Asian Cuisine

Boba (a transliteration of the word “bubble”), is a chewy tapioca starch balls which usually put into cold drinks such as milk tea. It was earlier popular in Taiwan and recently becomes a global trend across continents. Some shops in Taiwan make fresh boba before then served to the consumers. So, how exactly is boba made?

Tapioca starch balls were actually an alternative to sago starch balls in several areas throughout South East Asia Region. Due to its competitiveness in pricing and high abundance, tapioca starch, later on, becomes more popular to be cooked as starch balls/boba. The formulation of boba differs according to the desired properties. One can always add food additive into the formula to get the preferred result. For example, tapioca starch balls are originally translucent, therefore coloring agents are added to give various colors on the finished boba. Some food additives which are usually added into the formulation are as follows:

  1. Coloring Agent
  2. Sweetener
  3. Texture Improver

The making of Boba involves wet dough preparation, gelatinization, shaping, drying, and freezing. Wet dough preparation involves tapioca starch mixing with other food additives and water. Gelatinization means heating tapioca starch mixture to get the desired texture and remove the flour-like taste. This process then continued with shaping the dough in spherical form, drying, and freezing to keep the tapioca starch balls in storage. It can be boiled for several minutes before ready for serving.

It is always important to choose the main ingredients wisely: tapioca starch. The starch content, brightness, and some other parameters will define the resulting boba. Therefore on the industrial scale, it is very important to select reliable tapioca starch suppliers. The same goes for food chemicals suppliers.

You can watch this video by Savor Easy channel to see how boba is made at home!

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